Annabelle: Creation (2017)

  • RATING: 7.2/10

  • REVIEW: Annabelle: Creation has proved far better than it’s prequel and is way scarier than anticipated. Although the story-line may not be that promising, the movie has many scenes which will startle you and give you goosebumps. The set on which the movie has been shot is quite spooky and gives it the horror effect it needs. With a dozen scary scenes, the movie also has several demons which appear now and then thus not centralizing it around a single entity only. Watching this flick in the theater is recommended as the sound effects may not be as good on TV of-course. Annabelle: Creation shows us the life of a simple doll-maker and his family at the start with all going well for them but a tragic freak accident kills their one and only beloved daughter. In an attempt to reach out to their daughter, they try out various rituals but it only brings them more sorrow. 12 years later, they provide shelter to a nun and a few orphans by inviting them to stay at their home, but only to learn that their bad luck will soon reign upon the new residents too.


    Stephanie Sigman
    Miranda Otto
    Talitha Bateman
    Anthony LaPaglia
    Grace Fulton
    Lulu Wilson
    Philippa Coulthard


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