It (2017)

  • RATING: 8/10

  • REVIEW: It (2017) is a great watch and has a different concept of horror altogether. The main character representing the demonic presence, is a creature which takes the physical form of a clown. The character of the clown has been played very well by actor Bill Skarsgård and gives you chills when you’re watching the movie. Although, due to an excessive appearance of the clown in many scenes, you get used to the character and it ceases to scare you after a point. The movie is set up in a town named Derry, which is terrorized once every 27 years by a clown named Pennywise. A group of kids who have been confronted by the clown on several occasions, decide to join hands and put an end to the horror as nobody else would do anything about it. With a slight sense of humor and some terrific scares, the movie is worth spending your money on.


    Bill Skarsgård
    Finn Wolfhard
    Sophia Lillis
    Jaeden Lieberher
    Jack Dylan Grazer
    Wyatt Oleff
    Chosen Jacobs
    Nicholas Hamilton
    Jackson Robert Scott


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