Johnny English Strikes Again (2018)

  • RATING: 7.5/10

  • REVIEW: 3rd time’s always the charm. After a 7 year break, Rowan Atkinson is back with a bang. Maybe a little rusty but still the same hilarious guy managing to get everyone in splits of laughter. Johnny English Strikes Again, follows the same plot as its previous movies – a pesky villain and of course, English, who is recruited to save the day, following a comedy of errors. Having a good laugh is inevitable and if you’re in for some good comedy, this movie should top your list as of now. ‘Johnny English Strikes Again’ shows us how a cyber attack exposes all agents from the MI7, however, the only one safe from the attack is, none other than, Johnny English and hence has been hired to repair the damage.


    Rowan Atkinson
    Olga Kurylenko
    Ben Miller
    Jake Lacy
    Adam James


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