El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019)

  • RATING: 7/10

  • REVIEW: Breaking Bad is finally back. Much anticipated by the show viewers, El Camino is the cinematic film continuation of the actual TV show when it concluded after five seasons, 6 years back. El Camino follows up on the lead story that shows what Jesse Pinkman is headed for after the events that took place in the series finale. Breaking Bad is one of the most entertaining shows out there and once you’ve got hooked onto it, it’s inevitable to resist the movie. The movie features iconic characters from the show and while it may not be as gripping as the show, it doesn’t cease to entertain. It has a more story devoted plot as compared to action and show creator Vince Gilligan manages to maintain the theme of the show. It’s simple but yet speaks out loud in it’s own way. This one’s for the fans and is a must watch for sure. Aaron Paul manages to keep in brilliant character as well, almost making you believe they picked up right where they left off and overall this is a great cinematic adaptation of the show.


  • LEAD CAST:                                                                                                                Aaron Paul
    Jesse Plemons
    Krysten Ritter
    Bryan Cranston
    Matt L. Jones



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