Joker (2019)

  • RATING: 9/10

  • REVIEW: The Joker, needing no introduction, stole everyone’s hearts and blew everyone’s minds when it hit theaters in October 2019. If you’re a sucker for drama and a well transitioned plot following the life of a lucid but yet endearing psychopath, then you must watch this movie irrespective of what you hear about it. The Joker has been a character that any actor dies to play but also sacrifices a lot for and Joaquin Phoenix has not only delivered an outstanding performance but has also created his identity as one of the most talented Joker actors. Heath Ledger, the previous Joker actor made a huge impact on audiences and Joaquin Phoenix ranks not far behind. The movie follows the life of Arthur Fleck, an individual with a freakish history and his struggles with coping with all the negativity directed towards him. The movie smoothly transitions from a singular focused plot to a more fast-moving eventful one, that gets you involved mentally and also entertains you in a dark but yet exciting way. That’s the aura that Joaquin Phoenix manages to let out to you whilst yet making you sympathize with his condition. For those wondering if the movie might not be comprehensive due to the DC Universe connections, there’s nothing to worry about as the Joker is a stand alone production with a well explained plot and is friendly for all first time viewers.


  • LEAD CAST:                                                                                                                    Joaquin Phoenix
      Zazie Beetz
      Robert De Niro
      Brett Cullen


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